Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Business 2015

Implement the right social media marketing plan for your company can be the most profitable things to do to increase in sales.

I know that many businesses, especial small business and local business, think that social media is not a option to produce sales and for that reason they don’t invest or have a budget to spend in social media marketing.


When you have the right strategy or plan everything makes sense. If you want to have likes, comments and shares only to increase your brand, that is not enough, right? you want sales! You want to see a return of investment of your capital, and probably you are going to realize that small business doesn’t care about having likes, followers and subscribers if they don’t see money.

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The right social media marketing plan consist in create enough engagement during the week to lunch a promotion in weekends or any other day. THE ENGAGEMENT IS THE PREPARATION FOR THE OFFER, we want to keep the fire alive when we introduce whatever it is what we want to give. And that’s it!


1 You want to use more than one of social media accounts to increase your audience. Consider use Facebook always and also choose what else fit in your business: Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and all the others ones. (even YouTube)

2 Then define who is your targeted costumer and all the demographic of the people you want to target about.

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3 Growth your page by creating a campaign to get more likes or followers. You should have a budget for this and don’t be afraid to spend money in social media, you are going to realize how cheap it is.

4 Engagement! look for a way to have your fans happy. Every post should have likes, comments and shares! that will increase the reach of your post. Remember that the engagement is the preparation for the offer. The more engagement have your previews post, the more likely to reach more people when you lunch your promotion.

5 The offer! This is the climax of the strategy. Now is time to put your offer in front of your fans. Watch the video to learn that we never run out of offers! You always are going to have some season deals, holidays offers, coupons, events, etc.

6 Enjoy see the costumers going to your store! Take pictures when people show up and upload to your pages. People will see the social proof and they will be more likely to show up the next promotion.

This is the basics of a good social media marketing strategy for small business. The video explain everything better.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Business
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