Social Media Marketing Strategy 2018 | How I Revamped My Brand For Social Media + FREE Worksheet

Or you can view the products I am setting up my studio with individually here:

Light Lighting Kit For Bad Ass Lighting:
Vlog Camera:
Tripod To Hold My Vlog Camera:
SD Card (Best Value):

Not to mention if you need help coming up with the concept of your brand, the demographic you wish to serve and how, then I am happy to recommend you my personal social media branding coach.

She’s a best seller in many countries, has worked with high end marketers like Ray Higdon, Grant Cardone & Brendon Burchard.

She has been an incredible coach to me and really made me see the inner potential I had a hard time coming to terms with. Now it’s all on paper and on track to being manifested.

She has a 12 week coaching program and she will dedicate a 30 minute Skype session each week to help you develop whatever it is you want. She only charges 97.00 for these sessions and you can email me if you decide to work with her:


As I revamp my brand I get so excited about the thought of working with a very specific demographic.

In a nutshell I will be very focused on helping women transform into their best possible self!

I will do this by using my journey that helped me transform into the person I am today. With that being said I am no where close to where I want to be BUT I am definitely so happy and grateful with what I accomplished to date.

My plan is to vlog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and share a variety of videos that I know will be meaningful to my audience, such as:

- My personal stories
- Success tips,
- Social media marketing tutorials,
- Nutrition tutorials, and more

About Me: My name is Chiara Francica and I started my online business journey back in 2014 after getting fired from my Human Resources position (phew!)

That day my life was probably at its lowest as I was in an unhealthy relationship, I barely exercised or took care of my well-being in general and to make it all complete, I lost my job.

Being at a point where everything about my life sucked was probably the best thing that could happen to me. This is when I knew I had to stand on my own 2 feet and just change myself into the best person I can be.

I wanted to be the CEO of my life, see the world, and not have to worry about money anymore. Fast forward to today and I am a full time entrepreneur working from Madrid and living my dreams.

Now my vision is to work with other female entrepreneurs and help them become their best possible self through my videos. My videos will be a mix of personal stories that helped me transform, success tips, nutrition tips and much much more…

Make sure to subscribe not to miss out – videos to be uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you want to see specific videos from me or want information on how you can work with me I would love to hear from you here:

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