Make Millions With Social Media?? (Ps4 Giveaway Still Open!)

AND REMEMBER – I’m giving away my PS4, Madden 16, Call of Duty and FIFA 16 to a lucky subscriber IF I get to 500 subscribers by NEXT WEDNESDAY! What are the rules? You have to not only subscribe to my channel but you have to like and comment on one of my videos . Last but not least, I will only be giving away my PS4 bundle if I reach 500 SUBSCRIBERS by next WEDNESDAY… This means you should be getting your friends AND family to subscribe to my channel as well!!!

If I get 500 subscribers, I will randomly choose a lucky subscriber to mail the prize to. Good luck everyone!!!!

O…. There is also business lesson in my video too, make sure to watch closely till the end :)

Sam Forline is a former NCAA soccer player and straight A chemistry student turned successful college dropout following his dreams as an entrepreneur. His work developing mobile apps and connecting millennials with jobs has garnered a wealth of attention from media and investors coast-to-coast.

His first entity is called Blue Collar Scholars. Blue Collar Scholars seeks out to hire college students in local neighborhoods to perform tasks such as yard work, gutter cleaning, painting, junk removal, and simple chores. After 2 years of operations the company run by college students is now making over one thousand dollars a day. His next venture is called Scholar App Studios a successful mobile app development company based in Washington DC and Silicon Beach California. His most recent venture is Scholar Era, a viral marketing firm connected with top influencers across the country.

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